Power Couple Team Building Party

What is a Power Couple Team Building Party?

​Think about a passion party, without the passion!  Power Couple Collection has the best distributors available to you to host your couples party.  If you are looking to lounge around in a safe environment with like-minded couples and enjoy each other's company, then a Power Couple party is for you.

What can I expect at a Power Couple Team Building Party?

Don't worry! We will not be "spinning the bottle."  A distributor will arrive at your venue of choice 30 minutes after your party's start time.  This allows time for your guests to arrive and get settled.  He or she will set up and be ready to host your night of fun with your guests.  The purpose of providing a distributor to host your party is so that you may also enjoy in the activities, games, and exercises.  You will be able to relax while we provide an awesome hour and half of pure and clean fun for you and your friends/family.

Is it expensive to request a distributor?

Absolutely not; Power Couple Collection ​has a $25.00 fee to host your Power Couple party.  The only requirement is that a small table be made available to display products.  Products are made available to interested guests.  Schedule your party with your local distributor today!

What do I as the host have to provide?

As the host, you may want to provide beverages and refreshments of your choice for your guests. 

What if I want to be a distributor?

​That's great news!  When your documents to become a distributor are approved and enrollment fee processed, you will receive 50% commission of products sold at your party! 

How do I book a Power Couple Team Building Party?​

Click on Contact us at the bottom of the homepage and provide your desired party date and time.  Allow approximately 6-8 hours to respond with a confirmation.